"Molly Grantham is Victorious: The news anchor talks about how life sometimes turns out differently than you imagined."

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Review on Huffington Post. "Molly Grantham takes no special measures to burnish her telegenic image. The stuff she writes is raw and honest."

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Podcast real talk with national syndicated radio star Sheri Lynch. Two women on parenting, mental file cabinets, what things sting and creating and crafting independent girls.

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“(Host Mike Collins) But if truth be told… and she DOES tell the truth…” Live on WFAE radio.



“(Molly) I think a lot of parents – mostly women – are afraid to say they miss having something else.” Live on WBTV News (with Hutch)



"In a way, Molly Grantham's book about parenting honors her own mom and dad." Read Charlotte Observer's front page article


Interview with LEX-18 News in Lexington, KY. Press play on the small clip to the left to get a taste.

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“I’ve been working on this for months. I’ve been thinking about this for years. This year seemed like the exact right time.” Radio chat with Keith Larson, on AM730, The Game ESPN.


Charlotte Five podcast. Real talk about sometimes missing yourself when raising your children. Listen here >>


Book launch! See photos from party for Small Victories: The Off-Camera Life of an On-Camera Mom. View album here >> 




“You come into our living room each evening. Thanks for letting us into yours.”

-Frank W. (page 72)



"Your honesty and 'realness' make you authentic and make the rest of us a little stronger when confronting that voice in our head that tells us we are the only ones who have messy lives, feel fears and overreact."

 -Jay Ellen B. (page 196)


From cover photo shoot with Emby Taylor Photography

"I wish I had thought of doing this 22 years ago when I had my son. Every once in a while I will read something you write and think... 'Oh yeah... I remember that happening to my child.'"

 -Pamela N. (page 75)


"Thank you, Molly, for saying what us moms are thinking, just too ashamed to admit."

-Angelica H. (page 295)